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Date:Monday, June 25, 2007
Time:9:30 am
Description:The day starts at 9:30 with a Recital by Patricia Snyder at St. Johnís Episcopal Cathedral. Among the works she performs will be a commissioned work by Barbara Kolb. *** Then off to workshops. You will have a choice of the following: 1. Master Class with PAUL JACOBS 2. AGO Certification information with Region One Exam Coordinator GLENN GODA 3. Help! My Church Wants a Praise Team! Successfully blend your worship and like it with MARTHA SOBAJE and her JOY Praise Team 4. Teaching Beginning Keyboard at the Organ with WAYNE LEUPOLD who will lead you through year one materials and recruiting tips for finding new organ students. 5. Bells Come Alive with PRISCILLA RIGG Revitalize and invigorate your bell choir with new ideas for service. *** After a lunch break on to a second set of workshops. 1. Improvisation You Can Do IT! Led by PETER KRASINSKI 2. Buxtehude: Tercentennial Celebration with KERELA SNYDER 3. Vocal Workshop with RODNEY GISICK . With his 28 years of experience he will boost your confidence and revive you vocal chords. 4. Bringing Children to the Organ _Forbid Them Not! A marvelous panel will affirm our greatest resource for the future, our children. *** Next STOP BROWN UNIVERSITY 3:30 University Organist MARK STEINBACH wiLL play music of Anton Heiler and his school in Sayles Hall. *** At 4:45 there will be choral reading sessions with GIA and MORNING STAR at various locations at Brown. *** The joy of the night will be a recital by PAUL JACOBS at The First Baptist Church in America! *** Organ in Action Described as "a new prince for the King of Instruments" by Minnesota Public Radio and as "one of the most supremely gifted young organists of his generation" by the Chicago Tribune, PAUL JACOBS, Chair of the Organ Department of the Julliard School in New York, will play what is sure to be another of his outstanding concerts. Jacobs will perform on the recently renovated organ at the historic First Baptist Church in America. His charismatic stage presence, his huge repertoire spanning five centuries, and his sense of showmanship will make you hear the organ as you've never heard it before.

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