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Event:Double Benson
Date:Monday, October 10, 2005
Time:12:00 pm
Description:This year marks the 150th year of the birth and the 75th year of the death of Louis F. Benson. He was born in Philadelphia in July 1855 and died ther Oct 10, 1930. He was educated at the University of Pennsylvania in law, admitted to the bar in 1877 and later entered Princeton theological Seminary and ordained in 1886. His vast hymnological collection is housed in the library at Princeton Seminary. His monumental ENGLISH HYMN, 1915, established him as one of the most renowned hymnologists in the USA. Besides his editing of numerous hymnals, included the paradigmatic Presbyterian Hymnal, 1895, Benson's Hymnody of the Western Church, 1930, stands as a major work on the history of Western hymnody. Author: "For the bread which you have broken" (info thanks to Companion to the United Methodist Hymnal)

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